Internal Model Reviews

I love them.

They are the pinnacle of multi-tasking for me. I sat in one for 7.5 hours today at work – we even ordered in breakfast and lunch so we could work thru them! I had my computer in front of me answering emails and RFIs while providing construct-ability suggestions (or demands in some cases).

If you don’t know what an internal model review is, let me break it down for you. The engineering firm I work for has a software program where designers and engineers can model the entire construction project in three dimensions. People have access to it at all our offices and project sites. The contours of the land we’re building on, all pipe, steel, instruments, electrical components, etc are shown in the model.

During an internal model review, the lead discipline engineers sit together with the model shown on the projector to review changes and updates as well as looking at the feasibility of the design its self (the stupid and practical check).

I sat in to the be the module building expect – which is a little daunting in its own right – but I loved it!! It’s nice to be able to speak my opinions and have people listening, responding, and in some cases, incorporating my suggestions. We finished today (to continue next Thursday) with 90 tagged items to change – 52 of those are module construct-ability comments. 🙂 The comments will probably end up saving our company $125k to change now instead of during the building process. It’s great to be making a difference!!


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