Flights 3-7

I’m curious to see how many flights I take this year. 2012 showed me 80+. So…I’m going to try to document which flights I’m taking and where I’m going. I consider each time I have to be in an airport the beginning of another flight (even if I stay on the same airplane, it’s a stop).

Flights 1 & 2 – Kansas City, MO direct to New Orleans, LA and back for work meetings in Baton Rouge, LA

Flight 3 thru 7 – Kansas City, MO to Dallas, TX to Houston, TX to Corpus Christi, TX, work, Corpus Christi, TX to Houston, TX to Kansas City, MO.

One of the two project going on in Corpus Christi, TX will finish (hopefully) next Thursday. It’s the time in every project where the hard deadline is rapidly approaching and everyone is stressed out. However, I’ve never experienced a project team that suddenly has amnesia and no longer understands their responsibilities to be able to complete the project. It is also interesting that we are having some major quality issues now when they have shipped 80 of the 89 modules very successfully.

I’m ready for this scope to be finished. I am sure my attitude is not adding to the solution but after spending 18 hours on-site Tuesday, I’m ready to be done. From where I’m sitting, they will be able to finish next Thursday. It’s just a shame that the incredible job they have done to-date will be blemished by the last few days of work…

My next flights are at the end of this month – highly unusual to have 10 days in my house but I am looking forward to it. Restaurant Week starts on Friday đŸ™‚

As a CrossFit newbie, half marathon racer, and thyroid disease sufferer, I should not participate in Restaurant Week but I’m going to…every night for the whole week. There are some amazing restaurants I’ve been wanting to try in KC and they all have 3-5 course meals for $30 for the week.

I’ve got a budget set for 2013 (part of my internal resolution-like aspirations for this year) and this endeavor into Restaurant Week will max out my foodie budget for the month of January (and perhaps a few more dollars) but I’m justifying it in this way: I will not have to go to the grocery store since I will take a full leftover box home from every restaurant meal. I am also going to start trying to take two classes at the gym each day or take one class and then go running. We’ll see how this goes. I’ll probably document my reactions on here as well (sounds like I’ve got lots of blogging to do in the near future) with some pictures.


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