Do you know what the strangest feeling ever is?

Not having anything to do and no where to be!

It. Is. Amazing. Stange – but amazing!

It is Sunday morning and I slept in. I did not get up and run. I did not get up and workout. I did not get up and go to work. I just slept. Not too late – 8:30am – but it was nice to wake up without an alarm.

Now I’m just laying around the house. I honestly do not understand how people do this all the time. I would go stir crazy, probably because I’m about to go stir crazy now and it’s only been 4 hours. I’ve cleaned my room, showered, packed for my business trip tomorrow, cooked breakfast, and watched a couple episodes of TV. I’ll go to church later this afternoon/evening with some friends and meet someone for coffee afterwards. It’s going to be an amazing day of just catching my breath and letting my muscles get sore. 🙂


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