Do you ever make bargins with yourself?

I’m not talking about working out and then letting yourself stop for an ice cream on the way home (you are not a dog and should not reward yourself with food). I’m talking about letting yourself do something fun because you did something you were supposed to. I’m talking about letting yourself take PTO because the weather outside is amazing but making yourself complete all your chores.

Yesterday it was 60 degrees, slightly cloudy in Kansas CIty, Missouri in January. Record high! So I took time off of work to lace up my running shoes (it’s been almost a month since I just went running), drive over to my favorite park, and run an 8 mile loop outside. It was amazing!

It was amazing how sore I am today because of it. It was amazing how tired I was because of running. It was amazing how sneaky I felt for leaving work early on a Friday for a mental health half-day.

It was amazing how productive I was when I was done. Grocery shopping finished, laundry started, ironing done, cooking complete, vacuuming and mopping finished, dusting complete, mail checked, packages opened, bills paid, nails painted, and half a bottle of wine drunk while watching a movie! (Maybe that’s the real reason I was exhausted…).

I am definitely feeling my athletic pursuits from these past couple of weeks but I am also feeling much better about myself too. I’ve been pretty hard lately and I think it was due to how lazy I’ve been. Now that I’m working out, I seem to let my imperfections diminish and my positives star, which is how life should be.


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