Hi from NOLA

I’m sitting in the New Orleans International Airport.

My flight leaves at 3:50pm (hopefully since there are tornado watches and flash flooding going on outside the window) and it’s 2:30pm and I’m sitting at my gate, completely ready to go home. So…here’s the latest and greatest…

Dinner last night was the usual – almost gluttony – of fabulous tasting food, extreme exaggerations, and amazing conversations. Two bottles of red wine, half a bottle of jack daniels, key lime pie, crab cakes, baked oysters, ceaser salad, louisianne-style red fish, and twice baked potatoes later, I was pretty tipsy, thankful not to be driving, and exhausted. My mind works so much harder for conversation (even when that conversation is easy) when I’m at dinner with certain people I want to impress. I was at dinner with four people I want to impress.

I was also extremely thankful to my parents – that they have taught me the art of conversation my entire life and how to do that at the same time you have manners at the dinner table. It’s pretty amazing how much my upbringing continuously shapes my everyday life and the older I get, the more I realize that my parents are pretty incredible people.

After dinner, my co-worker and I went over to Fox and the Hound to meet some people he used to work with at the bar. They were celebrating someone’s birthday. It was slightly uncomfortable at first with the stereotypical questions about where I’m from and what I do. These guys are also close to double my age and have children in the teenage years. Pretty much nothing to connect on except work. It’s dangerous to talk work after drinking and with people you’ve just met but that’s what happened. After two hours of suffering, Greg started yawning which was my cue for us to leave. He would have let me have the keys if I wanted them but I was far too sleepy and don’t drive rental cars after more than one drink (I had had three). Sleep came fast and easy.

Breakfast with our QA/QC person, relaxed meetings with our contractor’s CM and PE, lunch at my favorite cajun restaurant (Bergeron’s), and on to the airport to play the waiting game. Right now we’re schedule 45-60 minutes late. Good news is we don’t change planes in Dallas so I can’t miss my plane home. Bad new is there are no other options so whenever this one leaves is when we start the journey home.

Yesterday and Today are the first two days since Christmas that I have not workedout or run and I feel it (part of that feeling is due to what I’ve been eating the last couple days as well but we’ve already covered that…). I’m hoping that the weather will cooperate in KC tomorrow to be able to run outside. CrossFit is at 5:45am in the morning which will probably be the first get-up-brutal one but that’s ok. It’s amazing how much better my body feels when I workout in the first couple of hours of my day. The scale has come down a couple pounds (probably not after this business trip) and I may be seeing some differences in my arm muscles and fat storage between my shoulder blades (or I may be suffering from wishful thinking).

The plan is to workout before work, work, leave work a little early to take advantage of the sunlight for a run, go home, and work from home a little bit. My roomate moves into our house this weekend (YAY!!) which means I need to finally get rid of the couple boxes-o-crap in the livingroom before Saturday afternoon.

I think I’m going to start a movie to pass the rest of my waiting time (51 minutes until scheduled take-off, 98 minutes until projected take-off)…


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