Something Different

So I’ve been posting about my workouts, and running, and fitness, and diet, and there’s been some God-speak in there too but nothing about my actual life (if all of that doesn’t count as “actual” haha). I’m a little nervous about posting super specific things on here since I don’t keep track of who reads/follows this but here goes…

I’ve been working in five states since Monday and have already roadtripped and flown for work in 2013. I like in Kansas City, Missouri but have worked in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Texas, and Louisiana this week. Maybe I’ll start posting my schedule on here (as some sort of brag to how much I change scenery each week). I want to start making year books for what’s going on in my life throughout the year so this will help with that venture too.

Monday was a 9 hour roadtrip from Kansas City to just outside Collinswood, Illinois. We were supposed to be looking at a damaged module (module hit a bridge – everyone associated with it is ok) but the module wasn’t back at the shop yet. Instead we had a BBQ sandwich and then took a look at one of the vessels from the skid before driving back to KC.

Tuesday was in the office in KC. Lots of meetings and following up on needed drawing revisions.

Today (Wednesday) was a 6:30am flight out of KC, connecting thru Dallas, to New Orleans, followed by a one hour drive to Baton Rouge. We met with the contracting company I help manage about the next several phases of work on a project in Texas. Overall the contract disussions went extremely well. It’s always nice to get positive feedback going straight from my contractor to my boss. šŸ™‚

Now it’s onto the bar for drinks, meetings here tomorrow, and flying back to KC.


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