CrossFit: Day Nine

January 6, 2013

No CrossFit since it’s CrossFit I35 is closed on Sundays but that also means that my old ladies are working out 🙂

Deck of Card Circuit Workout:

  • 15 Lunges to the stairs
  • Run the stairs (102 stairs, 5 stories worth)
  • 15 Lunges back
  • 2 card activities
  • 50m sprints
  • 2 card activities
  • Rest

Round One: 10 burpees, 8 lunges, 10 kettle ball swings (16kg)

Round Two: 10 push-ups, 15 goblet squats, 5 lunges

Round Three: 3 goblet squats, 7 push-ups, 16 kettle ball swings

Round Four: 7 kettle ball swings, 9 goblet squats, 10 lunges

Round Five: 10 push-ups, 10 goblet squats, 10 kettle ball swings, 10 lunges

It feels really good to be working out almost everyday again but I would love to start seeing some progress. I know I’m not as good at eat what I should but I still need the scale to start moving down instead of up…


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