CrossFit: Day Seven

January 4, 2012

Overhead squats.



Overhead Squat Mechanics

Those two words are enough to scare the toughest athlete. If you think you can just bust out and do them, then you’re probably doing them incorrectly. 🙂

Overhead squats combine flexibility of the lower back and hamstrings, with strength in the core, shoulders, legs, and hands. They are a good test of an athlete’s abilities to do all other exercises. We did them for the strength training section of our workout on Friday.

Feet are shoulder-width apart. Arms grip the bar with a clean grip (make arms parallel to the ground, bend elbows 90 degrees). Rotate elbow pits towards the front to lock-in the shoulder rotating muscles. Snatch the bar into the clean position (wrists bent back, bar at collar-bone level and parallel to the floor). Set feet. Set your lumbar curve. Load the hamstrings. Push the bar above the head with it approximately behind the ears. Squat as low as possible without curving the back or coming forward onto the toes.

The strength exercise was five sets of five reps. I was doing it with an empty bar (~55lbs).

WOD was 7 reps of overhead squats and then 7 reps of push-ups for 5 rotations.


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