CrossFit Days One thru Six

CrossFit Day One was December 29, 2012. I am hoping that this will be a day that defines the start of a marked change in my life but we’ll see what the future holds.

Day One brought On Ramp with lots of motions that I’m pretty familiar with (squats, lunges, running, skipping, push-ups, and kettleball swings). It was a great workout and I knew I had worked out the next morning, but I wasn’t that sore – just motivated.

Day Two was a Sunday which meant no CrossFit but it did mean old ladies workout. We worked out inside of Kiewit Power Constructor’s building since it was very cold and wet outside. Four circuits of stairs, lunges, push-ups, burpies and squats pushed my muscles squarely into sore but felt good.

Day Three was Monday (New Years Eve) and my first actual CrossFit class. We did a team workout since there were so many people there. Teams of four (two women, two men) were completing for the highest number of repetitions. We had three rounds with five exercises each round. For two minutes you traded off with the other person on your team of the same sex (I traded off with the other woman) to do as many repetitions as possible of that particular exercise and then you moved onto the next one.

The exercises were wall ball with 16kg medicine balls, 24″ box jumps, ring rows (upside down push-up/hold onto rings suspended from the cage and pull yourself up until thumbs are in your arm pits while maintaining a plank and straight body), sumo pulls with 75lb worth of weights on the bar (pull bar off the floor straight up until it is at your chin with elbows above your shoulders), and thrusters with 75lb worth of weight on the bar (from the clean position (bar resting on chest at shoulders), bend knees and thrust bar over your head – extend until a person standing next to you could see your arm behind your ear – and come back to the clean position).

So, two minutes each exercise tag-teaming and then three rounds of all those exercises. Our team completed 1076 repetitions! It was a great workout!!

Day Four was New Years Day so no CrossFit classes but I helped put on the LifeTime Fitness Committment Day 5k and ended up running it as well. It was great to help out my old trainer and friend Brandon. I helped set up the tents and barricades outside as well as pass out packets inside. Due to the ice, the race was shortened to 2.6 miles which I completed in 22:33 (very fast for me).

Day Five (January 2, 2013) was 5:45am class. We did a lot of jump roping – I learned how to do a double under (apparently I missed this lesson when I was in elementary school). The strength exercise was squats. It was five sets of five reps with the maximum weight you could do. Another new woman, Jess, and I did zero additional weight for the first set so we could practice our form but then added 15lbs each side of the bar (85lb total weight) for the other four sets.

The WOD portion was alternating 9 reps of max weight thrusters, 20 double unders, 7 reps max weight thrusters, 20 double unders, 5 reps of max weight thrusters, and 20 double unders.

Day Six (January 3, 2013) was 6:30pm kettleball basics class. We went thru the different kettleball motions (both grinders and ballastic ones). Scott taught us a Turkish get-up (which will take me awhile to figure out fluidly), swing, snatch, clean, and squat (all two-handed and one-handed).

It was a good workout but I don’t think I’m ready to work out with kettleballs quite yet. It was frustrating to me to try to do the moves without the proper timing (I felt rushed) and my hamstrings are super tight (which I knew already but didn’t understand the full extent of my mental anxiety/reaction associated with trying to push my hamstrings past their current stretching ability). Maybe in a couple of weeks or a month I’ll try again.

Tomorrow is Day Seven at 5:45am so I’ll let you know how it goes…


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