Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday with my old ladies this morning was awesome, especially because I was already sore from CrossFit yesterday.

Each circuit:

  • 50m lunges
  • Running up and down 5 stories (10 flights) of stairs
  • 50m lunges
  • 2 card draws
  • 200m sprint
  • 2 card draws
  • rest & water

Each suit was a different activity – spades were goblet squats, clubs were reverse lunges, diamonds were push-ups, and hearts were kettleball swings. Jokers were 15 burpees. Everything else was the repetition number for the face value on the card you drew.

I drew diamonds and jokers all morning. After groaning, it was pretty amazing. I was practicing my new push-up technique. Now I definitely cannot raise my arms above my head for pretty much anything except getting my comfy sweatshirt over my head.

It feels great to be working out again. I don’t really know why I go thru phases where I walk away from it and I definitely don’t understand what makes me come back to it but I do. Welcome to my re-introduction to pushing my body. 🙂


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