Getting Started…

The big day came and went! My fears really were stupid and I had a great time at CrossFit yesterday.

I’m going to CrossFit i35 ( Scott and Cindy own it and they were very welcoming! On Ramp was a 1.5 hour class were we warmed up by running around the gym, skipping, lunges, leg raises, and arm rotations. Then they taught us how to air squat with correct posture.

They are both very good at describing how to isolate different muscle groups. Scott reminds me of my friend Luke in his movements and expressions. There was something comforting about that actually.

Once we learned how to squat (I got no corrections) we did tempo squats which is a squat every second with arm motions for 20 seconds and then 10 seconds of rest for 3 minutes. By the end my quads were crying out but it felt good to be pushing myself again.

Next we learned push-ups. I am terrible at push-ups and always have been. I ended up having to do them on an incline (girl push-ups don’t really help you since you take your core muscles out of the exercise) which was ok but not great.

After 50 or so push-ups we learned how to do kettleball swings. Apparently I’ve been doing them wrong this whole time. It is a hinge motion, not an exaggerated squat motion. Once you disengage your quads, they stop competing with your hamstrings and low back for stability and strength. We did about 75 kettleball swings.

Then Scott told us we were going to do the actual workout. I’m pretty sure everyone in the entire gym rolled their eyes and groaned (some out loud).

The WOD (workout of the day) was a 7 minute circuit of 7 wall balls with 16kg medicine ball, 7 box jumps (18 inch box), 7 kettleball swings (12kg), and 7 push-ups. You do as many circuits as you can in the 7 minutes. I completed 4.5 rounds before the time was up which I was pretty proud of. 🙂

I’m signed up for my next class tomorrow at noon so we’ll see how it goes. I can currently not raise my arms up enough to wash my hair effectively because I’m so sore but it feels great to be sore again!!


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