I marked New Orleans, LA off my bucket list this weekend. I’ve been working in Baton Rouge off and on for the last three months and finally decided to stay “in town” for a weekend. I typically fly in and out of New Orleans since I prefer Southwest Airlines but I’m always in a hurry to get to the jobsite when I arrive so I had never stopped and ate in New Orleans.

This morning we are shipping the first modules for my first project at work. It’s a momentous day for me (and my career)! I wanted to be in the area this weekend in case they needed me onsite. I’m glad I stayed because I swung by the yard on my way out of town Saturday morning. A good friend of mine is working as a pipe fitter in Pasagoula, MS which is less than 2 hours from NOLA so he decided he would meet me there for Saturday night.

I hadn’t seen Mike since New Years (which is far too long of a time ago) so it was very nice to get to spend some time with him.


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