Long Time…

It’s been a long time since I last wrote on here which pretty much sums up my life, unfortunately…

I’ve been traveling more days then I’ve been home in Kansas City the last couple months, both for work and for play. I’ve gotten out of every good routine I had going for me in August and am feeling the effects. I’ve gained weight (which for someone with thyroid disease is a very very very hard problem to fix) and my body no longer understands what a consistent sleep schedule feels like. I need to get back on track – I have a half marathon in three weeks and am starting to feel icky about myself again – but it’s hard to get back up on the horse.

Because of my thyroid disease, I have to be very careful about what I eat because somethings make me gain weight quickly regardless of other people’s ability to eat massive quantities of them. Pretty much all carbohydrates should be off limits. However, I enjoy a beer after a long day and nachos are on my list of favorite foods to eat. Since I haven’t had a good schedule lately, I’ve let myself eat whatever was around or anything off my favorite foods list regardless of how much exercise I’ve been getting (or not getting).

This stops today (well yesterday really). I’m going to limit the amount of alcohol I have each week (2 drinks per Sunday to Saturday week) and I’m going to double the amount of protein I’m eating. This should help me be full all day so I don’t want to snack. I’m also going to make sure I’m eating a protein full breakfast and lots of fruit at lunch.

I guess I need to post this so that I can start making myself accountable…


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