The Kingdom of God, Pt. 2

Day 2 of the mini-workshop on singleness as Redeemer Fellowship started with a review of what we discussed last night.

  • Singleness is a season of building your legacy in the Kingdom of God, not just reserved for waiting to be married
  • The Old Testament shows us that the Kingdom of God was a birth-right that was passed on by getting married and procreating whereas the New Testament is about creating disciples regardless of status
  • When God calls us/gives us desires, he also provides us opportunities and the talents needed to complete the call
  • What does it look like to invest in the Kingdom of God? What does it look like to take what God has given me and invest it in someone else?

Hunter then delved into 1 Corinthians Chapter 7. He believes there are two main reasons people are remaining single longer than in previous generations:

1. Youth take longer to transition into full adulthood. College is mandatory for a successful existence now and when people graduate, they still have roommates and split bills and invest in themselves and good times instead of independent living.

2. Sexual Revolution that occurred in the 1960’s and 1970’s. This started the pop culture ideas of porn and sex and unrealistic expectations.

The rest of this post may be a little disjointed because I’m exhausted but I want to get all the mains points out…

Man (and Woman) are made in God’s image. He is so beautiful that it took two genders to show all aspects of his glory. Porn is the view of a woman from a man’s unrealistic lustins and does not showcase the beauty of God. You should flee from porn.

Should I desire to be married? Paul addresses this in verse 25. He qualifies that both marriage and singleness are acceptable, viable options – there is not sinning in either choice.

Verse 29 discusses how people tend to over value the here and now which leads to separation from the Kingdom of God. You should buy and sell goods but not be possessed by any. You should rejoyous and glad but look to the life beyond the grave as being extraordinary. Live lightly in terms of this world because you realize this is not all there is.

Verse 2 & 36 state that sexual desire and temptations are good reasons to marry. If you meet someone and you like them (and you date them) and are tempted then you should think about marrying.

Verse 8 & 37 introduce the idea that some people do have self control over their sexual desires. Ceabicy is no the lack of desire but rather the control and understanding that sex is not a need like food or water. It does not have to be fullfilled. When it is fullfilled outside of marriage it diminishes humanity. If you have this under control, you do not have anxiety about it and are actively investing in the Kingdom.

What mission are you pursuing that is the reason for being single?

Singleness does not equal alone. You should seek out relationships and community with people, all different kinds of people at different stages in life. You need people who point out your sins and remind you of your accomplishments.

You are sexually incompatible with anyone but your spouse. No need to worry about how good sex will be when you are married.

Disappointments show us where our heart is. They provide us with opportunities to re-evaluate our positions and adjust back to focusing and investing in the Kingdom of God.


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