Race for the Cure

The 19th annual Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure Kansas City took place this morning in downtown Kansas City.

I ran with the Burns & McDonnell team which was pretty neat. It’s awesome to have a company to work for that not only pays me, but pays everything forward by funding community outreach opportunities. We had a tent in the team area and volunteers provides orange slices, granola bars, water and other snacks.

It wasn’t my best 5k time (I ran it in 30:27) but I didn’t feel so great. I know that’s an excuse but I finished and that’s what matters. The goal was 30 minutes so I kinda met it.

Today I ran in memory of Rosalyn Griffin and in honor of Lisa Schrader. Rosalyn Griffin was my Dad’s Aunt (Dad’s Mom’s Brother’s Wife) who acted like a grandmother and aunt to my brother and I while we lived in Tuscaloosa. She was a member of the Red Hat Club and an active member of her church. She was a sweet lady who passed away this past April from an infection. She had been a breast cancer survivor for several years and she never complained about it.

Lisa Schrader is a long time family friend from Austin Texas. She and her family were our second family for all major holidays while we were growing up in Austin. They moved to Colorado in 1999 and we’ve made several trips back and forth to visit them. She has beaten breast cancer and is a symbol of strength to me.

It’s a honor for me to have such amazing women in my life to be able to honor and remember!

It was also amazing to me to watch 21,000 people run a 5k this morning to help support cancer research. I knew that cancer affects lots of people but I really had no idea. Almost everyone there today had some connection to breast cancer. It brought tears to my eyes while I was running to think about all the pain and hurt we represented this morning and about how much we were working together as a community to make a difference.

Cancer sucks and today it didn’t win. We did.


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