The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you Caitlin (Household 6)! It’s an incredible honor to have reached someone in my writing. I keep this blog as a way to keep track of my journey though life and have always hoped that my journey would make a difference to someone else. It makes it even more special since that person is you!

7 Interesting things about me:

1. I have a civil engineering degree from Texas A&M. I love using my engineering degree to work construction. There’s something about the challenge of being a woman in a man’s business that is motivating to me.

2. I currently live in Kansas City and I didn’t really get here by choice but I like it (most days). I have the heart and attitude of a Texas woman (if you’re from Texas then you understand what that means) but was raised in a Southern household (deep South, not geographically south). I struggle with keeping true to those feelings but wanting to live in other places (and countries). Sometimes my background helps me fit in and sometimes I look around and don’t recognize anybody around me.

3. I decided to make a bucket list on my 21st birthday. I’m still working on completing it and I’m still adding to it. You can read about it on this blog.

4. I ran my first half marathon Feb 2012. I am planning on running my second Nov 2012 and I have three more to run in the Spring of 2013. I run because I love to eat. Yes, I like to run, it gives me an opportunity to re-prioritize my life and to think through things and release stress, but really, I run because I love food!

5. I love quotes! When I have a long day or need some inspiration, I look to others to give me words to live by.

6. I’m super independent (that’s not that interesting in an of itself) but I am reaching a point in my life where I want to meet someone to marry and not be quite so independent. Deep down somewhere I don’t think I’ll marry an engineer (I’m willing to be proven wrong) but rather someone in public service like a police officer, firefighter or military man. Stay tuned! haha

7. I have thyroid disease. I use it as a motivator as much as possible and am trying to find ways to tell more people so others don’t have to go through all that I’ve gone through with it. I have amazing support but it hasn’t been easy and I hope to make it a little easier for the people behind me. (You can read about that story here).


Household 6

Caitlin is the one who nominated me for this but it’s really her that inspired me to start blogging in the first place. She and I have been friends for a very looong time and she still inspires me everyday. She was dealt a life full of monumental-sized challenges and she is still positive, loving, and supportive of others. I read her blog to keep up with her crazy life.

Living for Love

Colleen is Caitlin’s big sister and kinda like the big sister I never had. She’s married to a wonderful man and has an amazing one year old son (how is Lloyd that old already?!?). I am so thankful that she is going through all the major life milestones ahead of me so I can learn from such a great example. I read her blog to get excited about what could be coming next for me in my life.

Bucket List & Beyond

Megan is a childhood friend of my brothers. They both had health issues as small children so they were perfect playmates. She’s had a heart transplant and she lives everyday to the fullest. Her blog is about her bucket list and I read it to add more items to my own and watch her full-fill her list.

Vibrantly Victoria

Vicky is a friend from a past life (I met her through an ex of mine. We were close when we were both hanging out with our ex’s but have drifted away a little bit over the last year or so). She blogs about her hectic life and the weight loss journey she’s on. She’s doing an amazing job and is looking great! I read her blog to get new ideas for my own fitness goals and to stay motivated.

McBaby Bump

Chelsea is a military mom of three young children that went to church with me during high school. She is honest and open in her writing about greener living, saving money, having three children and DIY projects. I read her blog for motivation. If she can do something with everything going on in her life, I can definitely give it a honest try.

Words along the Way

Travis and I attended Bible study together in college. He is a preacher now and posts his sermons. I enjoy going to his blog for a quick few minutes of thoughtful reflection with God. He provides me thoughts and comments to fuel my inner thoughts during the days ahead.

Please continue to read my blog (I think it’s great) and please check out the people I hold near and dear to my blogging experience.


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