Last “Official” Training Session

After working out with Brandon for almost a year I decided that I need to do something different. Not because I don’t loooove working out with him (because I do). Not because I don’t look forward to my sessions every week (because I do). Not because I’m not seeing progress (because I am). But because my bank account is straining and I need to be responsible.

For my last session we:

  • Three different heigh boxes in a row (with weights on the bottom of them so they don’t move when you push on them) and then the 35 lb weight bar at one end – we did mountain climbers on the boxes and then squats with barbell presses with the weight bar – 2 minutes reps with 30 seconds rest in between for three rounds
  • One legged squats (no weight) for 2 minutes each leg
  • One legged stationary lunges with back foot on the window ledge holding either 25 lb, 10 lb, or 5 lb weights in each hand
  • Three 2 minute sessions of jumping rope
  • 1.5 minute elevated plank with feet on the window ledge

When I went to the bar for trivia after my workout, my friend and I decided to have a wall-sit competition since we were one chair short. So I did wall sits for 1:15 which killed my back. It’s Thursday and I’m still sore from this workout 🙂


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