Monday night was pretty amazing! A friend at work, I’ll call him Batman here, invited me to play on his sand volleyball team. They were short people and needed a girl to play. Typically I have to turn him down since I have training on Monday nights but Brandon had switched the day to Tuesday so I accepted.

I wasn’t in the mood when I got done with work. I had a 2:30pm meeting that was suppose to last a hour, last 3 hours. I was rushing to his apartment to change clothes and we were rushing out to the courts. I was also a little nervous since I haven’t played volleyball since I was 12 or 13 years old. My anxiety level was pretty high as he was driving since I was having flashbacks to having people spike the ball into my face in gym class. Plus, we were playing with his boss and co-workers whom I had never met before.

Once I got there I had a great time and I was actually pretty good! We lost the first two games and won the last one. I scored a couple of points, dove for the ball, and make some goofy hits. I think I’ve found a new favorite past time!

Afterwards, his co-workers were going for beers but we didn’t bring our wallets so we went back to his place. He installed a hummingbird feeder a couple of weeks ago so naturally, we got a couple of beers and sat in folding chairs on his back porch while he introduced me to Delilah and Ruby.

Ruby will come to the feeder and sit down and drink. She knows what she wants and she’s willing to take some calculated risks to get it. Delilah, on the other hand, takes a sip, flies back a few feet, comes back for another sip, flies back. She never settles.

Batman would get up every few minutes and go kill the ants that were crawling around on the feeder and the girls would be back instantly. He has a masters degree in wildlife biology so he tells me all kinds of interesting information about Ruby Red Throated Humming birds. He also got extremely excited when a male was flying around for a few minutes.

We finally got hungry and decided on mexican food. Batman took me Chelly’s Cafe which is super close to my office and beyond delicous! We split shrimp and spinach quesadillas and beef and shrimp fajitas. I typically have a no-seafood-at-a-mexican-restaurant policy and especially in Kansas City (where the closest ocean is over 1000 miles away) but it was devine!

He paid which was interesting. We’re not dating. I don’t really want to date him. I find him attractive but don’t see a long-term future there. But he picked up the check and I let him. I was beat when we got finished so I went on home but it was a fantastic night!


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