68. Take a Pole Dancing Class

68. Take a Pole Dancing Class – check August 1, 2012.

My friend and I went to a bar in Kansas City called Cantina del Tango. There’s a U-shaped bar at the front of the bar and then booths in the back. The tables for the booths connect to each other and form a dance floor complete with two stripper poles. You are encouraged to dance on the tables and use the poles.

Now my friend and I were dancing on the dance floor but not on the pole. All of a sudden, a very conservatively dressed lady comes up and busts a move on the pole! Both of us stop dancing, look at each other, and say that we want to be able to do that. Not to be able to do it in the bar but to be able to say that we could if we wanted to. So take a pole dancing class was added to my bucket list.

I figured she was being funny and in no way serious but a couple weeks later she emailed me a pole dancing class coupon on livingsocial.com. I immediately bought it. For $12 we had signed up for two classes.

The first class was an “introduction to pole” class. It was broken into three sections: dancing, spinning, and others. Between the three of us we could have one complete pole routine but we had an amazing time! 🙂

It was something pretty far out of our comfort zones but that was the best part. I strive to push my own limits on a regular basis and I had settled into some routines in Kansas City so this was totally different.

For the second class you had a choice. You could take a continuation of the intro to pole class or you could take a chair class. We figured if we were only going to do this kind of thing once (or twice) we should take the chair class. You never know, it could be a little more applicable than the pole class.

Last night was the chair class. It was a class where you learn one dance routine that involves strutting, the pole and a chair for a hour. I could do almost all of the moves last night which was a lot of fun. We were definitely getting a great workout too (I’m a little sore this morning)!

There’s a big stigma surrounding pole dancing and stripping. We kept all of our clothes on the entire time. Taking the class makes me have a better appreciation for strippers since it takes some pretty amazing arm and core muscles to do the moves and make it look appealing. No one I know is quiting their day jobs yet. 🙂



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