Slow Tuesday Morning

2.25 miles

24:35 minutes





Some mornings I wake up and just don’t feel “good.” It’s not that I feel bad necessarily (although most of the time it does) but I just don’t feel “normal” or what I feel like “normal” should feel like. This morning I woke up nausea and starving. One of the worst feeling combinations ever.

I believe everything in life can either be an excuse or a motivation so I climbed out of bed determine to make this morning be a motivation. I made it to the gym by 5:28am but was too slow for the people I was meeting at 5:30am since they were gone by the time I got my shoes laced up. It’s ok. I didn’t really feel like running and talking this morning. I put the headphones in, tuned out the world, and started the race between what I want to do and what my body was going to let me do this morning. Ultimately it was compromise with my stomach to not be quite so upset and my ankle to keep bending if I only ran two miles. Probably for the best since I have my last personal training session with Brandon tonight at 6pm.


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