Running Away

I promise one of these days I’m going to write on here about my life. About more than running. And training. But right now that’s what makes my life “work” so here it is…

2.8 miles
27:53 minutes
I felt so good getting out of bed at 4:30am but did not feel so good by the time I got to the gym, laced up the running shoes, linked the GPS, and started running.
I went a new route this morning however which was exciting. I was supposed to be running with some people but didn’t get ready fast enough so I ran down Renner Drive to 95th street, turned left onto 95th street, turned right onto Ridge Drive (thru my old Kiewit Office parking lot), took a right back onto Renner Drive and back to gym. There are several lakes and lots of Canadian Geese on the route which was nice to see in the morning light.
Maybe I’ll make it to run/workout in the morning. I’m going to start trying to work out at the gym in my building and run around downtown. I want to cut my gym budget waaaayyyy down in the next month but I’m nervous about leaving LifeTime Fitness all together. I’m trying to see if I can still workout somewhere that’s not quite so nice (or proud).

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