Monday Routine

I’ve been trying to get up early and go running at the gym for the last week or so. I was doing really good at this until I went to Houston for work and threw my schedule completely off. There are two ladies in the run club that had invited me to run with them a few times and I had never made it but Monday I did!

We ran 4 miles in 38 minutes. It was a hilly course too and it hurt so good! Both these ladies are in their 50’s and win age groups when they run races. It was motivating to be able to run with them. They also gave me some really good love advice. One is divorced and the other married later. It was good to hear about struggles and having to work at relationships. It’s not all roses and rainbows.

I ended up with a enormous blister on my fourth toe on my right foot. It’s like the size of my entire toe. I couldn’t walk hardly until I got some New Skin stuff. It’s like liquid skin and it’s amazing!! You paint it on (it hurts/stings really bad the first time you do) and it’s like the blister disappears!!

Group training has officially moved to Monday nights. I was joined by Wendy this week.

Here’s what we did:

  • Leg Raises
    • 30 second hold
    • 1 minute leg raises
    • 30 second hold
    • 30 second rest
    • 1.5 minutes leg raises with 5 lb weight between feet
    • 30 second rest
    • 30 second hold with 5 lb weight between feet
    • 1 minute leg raises with 5 lb weight between feet
  • (3) 2 minutes bicep curls with 5 lb dumbbell weights
  • (3) 1 minute hammer curls with 5 lb dumbbell weights
  • (4) sets of 1.5 minute wall sits with 30 seconds holding 3 lb weights straight out in front with thumbs pointed up, 30 seconds with thumbs horizontal, and 30 seconds of arms at a 135 degree angle with the floor (thumbs still horizontal)

After session was over I did 100 reverse crunches holding onto the window seal with a 6 lb medicine ball between my knees and hamstrings.

It’s Thursday and I’m still pretty sore 🙂


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