Houston – Sunday

Stacey and I were both kinda hungover so we went to Whataburger for breakfast/lunch. It made me happy J
We picked some Whataburger up for Joe and Tyler (another fireman) and took it to the station since they were there giving tours. It was cool to see the station. I feel like firefights (and cops) do so much for our society that taking a hour to bring them something to eat is the least that I can do.
After the firehouse was a trip to Target and HEB. HEB is amazing.  Yankees don’t understand what they are missing out because they don’t like in Texas. It’s a whole new grocery store experience and it’s one that should be repeated across the country. We sampled wines and had snores and salmon while getting groceries.
Luke never did give me my gift from Poland while we were out Saturday night and he was driving back to Corpus Christi so he drove up to Spring to bring it to me. It’s a figurine of a mining cart with salt in it from the Polish salt mines. It’s way cool!! We convinced him to stay for dinner too.
We all made drinks (a few of Stacey and Joe’s friends came over too) and headed out to their apartment complex pool. It’s a saltwater pool and that is amazing! All pools should be saltwater. The water feels softer, less harsh and it doesn’t burn your eyes. We sat around a talked for a while and then Joe grilled the steak pinwheels we bought along with squash and shrimp.
It was a great time! Lots of fabulous conversation, drinks, and good food. I went to be exhausted and happy at 2am.

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