Houston – Saturday

It just felt good to not go anywhere on Saturday morning. Typically I’m up at the farmers’ market and then on to run club before 8am and even though I was awake, I had only moved from the bed to the couch and taken the dog out. J
Stacey and I went shopping all morning. At first it wasn’t as much fun because there were tons of people out and about with their children. Houston has two parenting types: (1) complete ignore your child and pray that someone takes them off your hands or (2) yell and scream at them about not yelling or screaming. Saturday morning at Target had plenty of both. I was able to find some great buys however.
We also went to Old Navy, DSW, and Freebirds for lunch. Freebirds started in central Texas as the original burrito place. Chipotle is a copycat. A very tasty copycat but a copycat none the less. A couple of Freebirds are supposed to open in Kansas City and I can’t wait. One is close to the bar I go to after kickball games and I get very excited every time we pass it!
All businesses go through cycles. All of life goes through cycles and Freebirds is no different. It is founded on an edgy vibe with lots of body piercings and grafetti covered walls. It is trying to stay current and is beginning to copy things Chipotle is doing like cilantro-lime rice. It’s tasty but no thanks. If I want that then I’ll go to Chipotle.
Stacey and Joe had to go to one of Stacey’s friends birthday party and although I was invited, I didn’t want to go so I met one of my friends (Hannah) for dinner. We went to Cyclone Anaya’s Mexican Kitchen with two of her friends from her small group at church. It was a good time.
My friend Luke was still in town and had forgotten to give me my present from Poland so I decided to meet him after dinner for a drink. He had gone to the Montrose area of Houston with a friend of his for the pride parade and decided to stick around for drinks. He was at a bar called Anvil which he had wanted to go to on Thursday night so I headed that way. By the time I got parked, fought the crowd and police to the bar he was gone to the next place. So, I moved the car and met him and his friend John at TC’s.
TC’s is a gay showhouse. I walked in and was one of the only women in the entire bar. There were very attractive cross-dressers dancing on the stage at the front and guys in nothing but briefs selling shots. Luke kept getting hit on and not having to buy drinks so he bought me a huge long island ice tea. John and I took shots and I had a great time.
By about midnight I was sick of not getting looks, much less drinks (as bratty and arrogant as that sounds) and Stacey and Joe were home so I left. Luke had been wearing a blue wig on his head and I was covered in its glittery strands and a light up necklace. Overall a great experience!

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