Back to it

So I haven’t been running in awhile. (It’s funny how awhile is now less than 5 days when it comes to exercising and running) so I went last night. It was brutal. Every part of the process of running last night was brutal. It was 100+ degrees outside, my watch wouldn’t hold a charge, I didn’t have the tanktop I wanted to wear, etc, etc, etc. But I went. And that’s what fitness is all about to me. Going.

I took 5 days off because I was travelling to Houston for work and didn’t want to haul all my running gear to Texas (there’s actually quite a lot of gear involved…). When I got back on Monday, I went straight into the office and then straight into my bed to sleep for 10 hours (which was amazing but not athletic). So Tuesday was running day.

I went 3 miles in 30 minutes which is an ok pace. Nothing stellar. But I did it!

My calves are sore this morning. I woke up with a dehydration headache (probably also due to the fact that I drank a 24 oz beer when I was finished and not water). And my body is tired. But I’m going to run again and work out very hard tonight!

I’ve gained about 10 pounds in the last month to 6 weeks. I know I need to go see my endocrinologist again and I’ve made an appointment for two weeks from now but I’m going to try to step up the exercise and step down the alcohol and see if I can’t loose the weight without adjusting my medicine…


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