Houston – Thursday

This is my first business trip with Burns & McDonnell. I was super anxious about it actually which is funny since I used to travel 85% of my time or more with Kiewit. It’s not the flying that makes me anxious. It’s the possibility that I could miss my flight that does. It’s also the fact that I am representing my company and do not want to disappoint them.

The day started poorly. I was planning on getting up and going to run club at the gym, showering, swinging back by my apartment, and driving to the airport. I was all dressed to run and walked out to my car at 5am to drive and the gate to my parking lot wouldn’t open! I got out of the car and pressed the button on the actual gate motor house thinking that it was just my clicker that wasn’t functioning. Nope. It was the whole gate so I called the maintenance emergency phone number and got a bitch on the phone. She took my information, told me maintenance would call me, and that this wasn’t really a maintenance emergency!

The maintenance guy called me back and I felt a little sorry for him but not sorry enough to curb my language. He had just woken up and it was going to be 30+ minutes before he could be there. So I did what any normal runner would do, I laced up my run shoes and went running while I was waiting. I ran to the downtown airport (wished I could have run the 4 mile loop around it but I didn’t) and ran back a different way through Power and Light. All in all it was about 2.5 miles which was nice but I was thinking about running 6 that morning at run club.

I waited around a little more at my car and the maintenance guy finally showed up. He was nice and I apologized for earlier. He needed up having to crank open the gate by hand to let me out of the parking lot. I drove down the street a few blocks and got some hazelnut coffee and a shortbread cookie from Panera Bread. I felt bad that I had called him out to the parking lot so earlier to let me out and then I didn’t have anywhere to go since I had just run around downtown and wasn’t going to drive to the gym anymore.

I made it to the airport with plenty of time and the flight was pretty comfortable. I was sitting in seat 1A which is by the galley and is the only seat in row 1. It also has extended leg space so I was able to prop my feet up on the wall in front of me. I started reading 50 shades of grey in a trial version. I read 299 pages and am hooked. I’m going to have to find wi-fi in Houston to be able to download the rest of it!

Got to Houston and drove to the office for some meetings. They went well.

I met Jared and his fiancé Danielle for dinner after work at Lupe Tortilla. It’s always great to see Jared and to eat mexican food! We caught up about work, their wedding plans, my love interest, everything. Then I drove and checked into my hotel. My friend Luke called me. We were supposed to meet at a bar but he wasn’t ready so I told him to just come to the hotel where I was. It took him a hour to get there but he did show up and it’s always good to see him.

We went downstairs to the hotel bar to have a couple of drinks and talk. One of the other customers asked us if we were married. We we said no she asked if we were celebrating something. Luke said yes and looked at me with a funny face. The lady then asked us if we were celebrating me being pregnant and told us we would have beautiful children. I was laughing really hard and Luke said no way! She was pretty confused at this point so she asked us how we knew each other. Out answer of coworkers wasn’t nearly exciting enough for her so we took our beers and went to sit down.

Luke is always an interesting conversation. We never stay on one subject. We jump around like crazy people. We have tons of inside jokes. We always end up discussing the meaning of life and the future. This conversation was no different. The difference was that I didn’t want to be dating him, I want to be dating someone else. The entire year I’ve known Luke I always had a desire to be a little more than friends with him but not anymore. I’ve changed. My life has changed. His has not. He’s still a tremendous amount of fun to be around but he’s doing all the same things he was a year ago and he’s still not content with them.

After a couple of rounds I decided I wanted dessert but the kitchen at the hotel is closed so we walk a 1/4 mile to Champs to order their triple option dessert plate. It has chocolate cake with whipped cream, new york cheesecake with raspberries, and a warm cookie with ice cream. It was heavenly! Everyone else in the bar is coupled off and feeling each other up. It is 1 am but Luke and I are still just talking and laughing and debating the future.

He’s pretty drunk and having a hard time walking straight when we go to leave the bar. He’s got his arm around my shoulder and slip my arm around his waist. We fit. It’s scary how well we fit like this. He’s talking about driving back to his hotel and I don’t let him. I made him stay in the hotel with me. There are two double beds and within 30 seconds of being back in the room he’s passed out with all his clothes and shoes on on one of the beds. I kicked him out at 6am so he could go shower and be on time.


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