Dinner Plans

Typically I go to the grocery store on Sunday afternoon and then come home and cook everything I just bought, package it up in my tupperware containers and am set for eating for the week. Maybe I’m OCD or something but I really like being able to wake up in the morning and just grab one tupperware bowl from the fruit side and one from the meat side and walk out the door.

Well, this weekend I was in such a lazy mood that I didn’t go to the grocery store on Sunday and then decided I wasn’t going to go on Monday or Tuesday since I’m on my way to Houston today for the weekend. There was no sense in buying food and then being out of town for 5 days so I’ve been eating out this week which has turned out very fun!

Monday night I went to The Well for happy hour with several people from work and then had dinner with two of the girls that came. They had both been out of town recently so it was fantastic to sit and talk and eat for several hours and catch up!

The happy hour special was craft beer so I had A Rogue Dead Guy which is brewed in Oregon. I used to drink it a lot in Lewiston Idaho since it was so cheap there!
Tuesday night my friend Kristie was in Kansas City for training for work. She works for BNSF Railroad and they have a rather large yard and facility in KC. I was able to go running early in the morning before work so I skipped Run Club to have dinner with her. We went to Michael Forbes which is a little restaurant in Brookside. It was very yummy!
As we were sitting in our booth by the window, I notice a guy from work that I know walking down the sidewalk towards the restaurant. He crossed the street and it standing right outside our window. I’m very distracted by this and start telling Kristie that he is supposed to be at a happy hour at a bar down the street from where we are. He picks up his phone and start leaning against the window. I decide to go out and say hello. He doesn’t know where the bar is. His face was pretty funny when he saw me but he appreciated the directions. 🙂
After dinner, my friend Rachel put together a Movies & Mojitos girls night at her house. She had all the ingredients to make home-made mojitos. She lives a couple blocks from an amazing community garden that grows mint bushes and she had cut some for us to use in our drinks.
This is a picture of my finished “mojito”
After we made our mojitos we decided to sit on her front porch with the chips and salsas our other friend Rachel had brought and the pineapple I had brought. It was very pleasant outside and was super fun to sit and talk about anything and everything with some girlfriends on the front porch.
We decided we wanted another round of mojitos but we were out of mint leaves so Rachel, Rachel, and I walked over the community garden to get some more. There were lots of people around and Rachel was saying hello. A couple ladies asked us what our plans were for the night and Rachel told them we were having a girls night and needed some more mint. The lady looked at us and said that we had passed the mint bushes…Rachel was already in the process of pulling off some leaves from another plant. She stops and asks if what she has in her hand isn’t mint? The lady says no it’s basil and shows us where the mint plants are. She informs us that she planted them and would know the difference between mint and basil!
When we get back to the house we confirm that what we had actually been drinking were basil mojitos which we decided to call bazjitos. We had all liked the way they tasted but the ones with mint leaves were better…
We had several rounds and Rachel, our host, got up from the porch and said she wanted another one but that she had to…and she starts making the hand gestures to indicate muddling but she can’t find the word. All of a sudden she exclaims that she needs to mursh some more mint leaves. We all die laughing. I say that I will help here muddle but she’s going to have to take on the murshing all by herself. It was so funny because she is an English teacher and had been correcting me on proper terminology and word definitions for most of the week!
After sitting on the porch for a couple of hours we went inside and watched the movie Coyote Ugly which is one of my favorites from the ’90s. It was a late night home but entirely worth it!
Wednesday a group of the process guys and I went out to lunch at Ugly Joe’s for $5 burger day. I had the burner hamburger which has jalopeno peppers on it. It was delicious and a lot of fun. I typically have group training Wednesday night from 8-9pm but Brandon didn’t feel well so he cancelled it. This worked out well for me since I was traveling to Houston on Thursday and hadn’t packed yet. I walked over to Chipotle and got dinner to-go. I love that restaurant.
Too much eating out this week. I’ve gained 8 pounds and my bank account isn’t that thrilled either! O well, it was good on the way down and I’m planning on getting back to my strict diet when I get back to Kansas City on Monday morning.

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