Yesterday my friends and I went paint balling. I had never been before and was petrified but had a great time!

We went to Jaeger Paintball of Kansas City which is actually inside of a CAVE! We bought a GroupOn to go but ended up with 15 people or so in our group. When we first got there, there was a large group of marines suiting up to go paint balling. The lady behind the counter asked if we wanted to play with them or separately. We definitely said separately.
During the first round, I was pretty timid. I stood behind some rocks and columns and got hit while running to another rock. The second round we played freeze tag which meant the first time you were shot you had to kneel down and raise your hand. If a teammate tagged you, you were back playing, if the other team tagged you, you were out. I tagged several team members back into the game and got tagged back into the game a couple of times. I ended up being the last member of my team still in the game when the whistle blew. It was pretty funny because I was hit so I was kneeling down with my hand the air and the other team was coming towards me but couldn’t see if there was someone close to me that was going to shoot them. They kept ducking and rolling and everything and I was laughing since I had figured out I was the last one on my team left.
Then we went outside to play which was way more fun than playing inside. There were plywood houses and old cars and boards and rocks and trees to hide behind. I ended up playing against Drew during one game and got my first hit. I shot through the barrels he was hiding behind and hit his hand and when he backed-up to check if he was out or not (the paint has to spatter on you to be out so you can get hit and not be out), I shot him in the back/shoulder. The next round I got two more people out. I definitely improved during the day and can’t wait to go back and try it again!
We were sweaty dirty when we got done and it was a great workout! Lots of kneeling, running, and twisting. I have one welt where I got hit in the left side of my rib cage and several pretty cool looking bruises on my legs. It didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it was going to either! I’m not volunteering for a firing line and don’t want to get shot at close range but I’m not scared to go play again. It was awesome to get dirty, have fun, and spend time with some great people!!

This is a picture of welt I had on my rib cage!

Afterwards we went to Wendy’s for some much needed food and coke floats. Andrea and Drew had never had a coke float before in their lives so we definitely had to solve that problem immediately. Then I went for a 4 mile run at the Downtown Airport. It was way too hot to be running and I was wearing black leggings and a black shirt (since we were paint balling) but I did it. I have a huge blister on my fourth toe on my right foot from it but it was nice to push myself to run faster in the hot weather.

Picture of downtown on my run around the airport 🙂
I’m thinking about running a half marathon in November here in Kansas City with a friend of mine but right now 4 miles in a decent time is pretty killer. I’m sure the humidity and heat have a lot to do with it but it makes me nervous to commit to a race and not be comfortable running right now…
Then I showered and went over to Drew’s apartment to watch a movie. I had never been over to where he lives before. It is very nice. He was nervous about the place being a mess but it really wasn’t. I was nervous because I like him. I think it was the first time I’ve been shaking nervous hanging out with someone. It was a little awkward at first but we got the hang of it.
We watched “John Carter” which is a sci-fi movie based on a book series from the 1920s-1943 with the first book titled “Princess of Mars.” It was really good. Kind of a cross of Indiana Jones and Star Wars. I like it. Then we started watching Game of Thrones. It’s amazing. He’s seen the whole first and second seasons but we only watched the first two episodes of the first season. I’m hooked and wanted to keep watching but was very sleepy and had to drive 30 minutes home so I knew I had to leave. I wanted to spend the entire night on his couch with him watching episode after episode…
I had stopped by the grocery store on my way over and got popcorn and chocolate covered almonds and some gatorade (since I was dehydrated). We had beers and shared the popcorn and chocolate. There was some close sitting on the love seat and I left wanting more.
It’s interesting, I am starting to enjoy this phase of my relationship with him. The awkward, hopeful, never-knowing-what’s-going-to-happen part. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready to be in a committed relationship, but I’ve started to slow down and enjoy this part too.

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