So here’s my blog about my cousin’s wedding that I was in last weekend in LaGrange, GA.

Mom was wedding director and I was a bridesmaid. It was at my Aunt and Uncle’s land off of a dirt road outside of LaGrange. We worked really hard to get everything taken care of before she walked down the aisle but it was all completely worth it!!

The programs were actually fans! Super cute!!

We made the groom tie bows on the programs since he has a bum ankle.

The spread for the bridesmaid lunch

The name plates for the bridesmaid lunch

Nutter butters turned into flip flops

The signs directing people to the wedding

Me all dressed up

Uncle Larry mortaring in stairs the morning of the wedding.

Where the ceremony site is going to be

Trying to get the hay bailes lined up straight to make the aisle

The groom resting from all of his hard work 🙂

The other bridesmaids and the bride.

Bathrooms for the guests

Mom painting the signs the morning of the wedding

The reception once it’s all set-up

The bride all ready to go!

Pretty flowers 🙂

On the way to the wedding on the back of a John Deere Tractor

The Newlyweds


Cutting the cake

1st dance

Mom and I

Love the garder!


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