The sermon at Church this morning was about Joy, even on your worst day discussing the end of Paul’s letter to the Phillipians. He talks about having found the secret of being satisfied in want and in plenty.

I haven’t been to Church since the last post I wrote about Church which was over the first part of Paul’s letter. It’s hard to go to Church by yourself which sounds funny. Church is about publically acknowledging your relationship with God and learning as a community about faith.

The lesson this morning was about knowing the secret to being content in want and in plenty. Paul doesn’t tell us explicatly what this secret is but the Pastor says it’s knowing that you are not alone no matter where you are or what you’re going through. It’s also about not asking why something has happened to you, not because you’re not supposed to or because you don’t want to ask, but rather because you don’t actually want the answer.

Most of the time when you ask Why? it’s because something bad has happened, or something has happened that you don’t agree with or you want something else to have happened instead. Do you really want the answer? Do you really want someone to tell you it’s because you did something wrong? Do you really want to be thinking the rest of your life that you could have changed it? God has a plan for everything, no matter what. Whatever has happened is part of that plan. So instead of asking Why? and hoping for a response you can whallow around in for awhile, know that the answer is that it’s a part of God’s plan. Also know that you are not alone in that answer. Everyone has things happen that are not positive in their life, or are not the way they would like them to be, but we must know we are a part of God’s plan and to seek out others who feel the same way.

It’s very interesting that each time I go visit this Church, the sermon is directly what I need to be hearing at the moment. I’ve gone to Church more Sundays than I haven’t in my life and have not had this happen in the past but I do not have the strong urge to join this Church in membership. There’s something that I’m not connecting with, regardless of how applicable the sermon is every Sunday. Hopefully where I should call my Church Home will become clear very soon. I know it takes time. I’m just now starting to feel like Kansas City is home and I’ve been here 10 months!


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