Choices (Take 2)

Back to this except I’ve made a choice. Guy #3. Now I just wish he would figure it out and officially ask me…

He’s quiet. reserved. only speaks when he has something to say. caring. very intelligent. excels at everything he does. chemical engineer. has a big family he’s pretty close to. genuine. interested in my job and what I do. does what he wants to do. plays video games. nerdy. great conversation. uber competitive. makes me want to learn and grow.

It’s been a while since I’ve truly dated someone. Like I haven’t really dated anyone since Mike which officially ended in the start os 2010. I’ve been on a bunch of dates since and spent someone quality times with some guys but haven’t had anyone officially ask me out in a couple years. I really want this guy to ask me.

I need to have patience and not focus on this. at all. but it’s hard. 🙂


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