I found perfection in one evening. It snuck up on me too. I wasn’t looking for it and maybe that’s the trick. but it was perfect.

The people I wanted to spend the evening with were there. Some people stood me up but that’s what made it perfect. They let me get out of my own way enough to really enjoy the people I was with. The people who really want to be my friend and spend time with me did.

This was probably the first time (maybe ever) that I was truly content in the moment. I’m a pretty controlling person and like to be the person making the decisions on where and what we are doing. I made those decisions this time but it was different. It was perfect.

We went to celebration at the station which is a Memorial Day Celebration at Union Station and Liberty Memorial (WW1 Memorial). It’s a free playing from the KC Symphony with fireworks afterwards. We brought blankets, lawn chairs, a couple jugs of sangria, beers, cheese, summer sausage, fruit, and chips. We played 42 (Drew caught on to it really quickly and actually he and Ben beat me and Becca). It’s funny how you don’t miss something until you have it again and apparently I missed playing 42. It was pleasant outside with lightening bugs, stars, and a light breeze.

I want to bottle up the emotions I was feeling that night and bring them out on a challenging day to remember. I’m sure people feel like this on their wedding day (and I hope I will then too) but it was just fabulous. Nothing extravegant happened. No earth shattering conversations. We didn’t solve world peace. But I found my peace. I found a moment where I was satisfied with all the decisions I have made recently. I was content to be living in Kansas City. I was content and happy to be spending time with the people I was with. I was enjoying the moment. I enjoy activities and I enjoy decisions on a regular basis. I do stop and smell the roses. but this roses were the sweetest, best roses to date!

It’s hard to explain entirely but it was perfection.

It was also nice to be getting to know a guy that’s really awesome. He challenges me intellectually. I think guys I’ve been attracted to in the past have let me off the hook too easy. I have an engineering degree so she must be smart but I’ve never had to prove it to someone before. He doesn’t ask me questions to test my knowledge, rather, its a true conversation with what do you know about this? and how familiar are you with that?

And he is so knowledgable about so much. My mom would talk about my dad that way too and I never got it until now. It’s nice to have someone who just knows random bits of information. It’s like Christmas morning. You know you’re getting a present and you have an idea of what it is but you just never know.

Sunday night he was the only guy I invited that showed up and he came with beer and open arms to carry things. He says he’s shy, and I see it sometimes, but he wasn’t on Sunday. He talked with Ben and Becca and knew so much about the songs being played. It was just nice.

I gave him a hard time about not knowing what chemicals made the fireworks burn different colors as a chemical engineer who took a fireworks/explosions class in college. He’s always a good sport. He even stretched out in the grass pretty close to me during the firework display. For the first time ever, I had butterflies. I was excited to let him run the show. I wanted more but the night was so perfect that somehow I didn’t. It was just right.

Maybe this is how it’s supposed to be. Someone to mellow me out. Someone to make me want to seek out knowledge again. Someone to help me relax and enjoy the little moments of perfection in my life. I just hope I don’t screw it up….


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