Running Updates…

Tuesday night was run club and it was awesome to get to be a part of it again (if even only for 1 mile)! We also took a group pic for the first time (see below). It’s funny how a bunch of people in this pic had never been before and the “regulars” were more or less absent…o well…

I ran 1.35 miles in 15ish minutes. Def not setting records but it didn’t hurt 🙂

Afterwards I went upstairs and worked out:

  • 10 push-ups with hands on the window ledge
  • 50 pull downs
  • 10 minutes of walking lunges on the treadmill – set the treadmill to 1 mph, 3% incline, and then lung; 5 minutes of holding 10 lb weights in each hand and 5 minutes without weights
  • (3 sets) of 15 sit-ups on the reclined bench

Not as much as Monday night but I knew I would workout hard Wednesday night…

I went to the endocrinologist after work last night. I got a fantastic report! They take all these body composition measurements using electrodes. It’s really easy to look at the scale and get discouraged about the numbers not moving (which has been happening to me the last few weeks) but the report last night showed that I had gained 10 lbs of muscle mass and lost 13 lb of body fat (since April 4th)!!!! It was super motivating!

So, now I’m getting pretty close to my ultimate weight goals. I have 19 lbs of fat to lose and 10 lbs of muscle to gain so lose a net of 9 lbs. Not that hard! Haha The view I have on my body is still changing. It’s amazing that I never really looked in the mirror while I was sick and heavy and it’s amazing that I still have pretty good self esteem after it all. Now I look in the mirror and I see problem muscle groups but I like the overall view…

Wednesday 8-9pm is the hour of hell that I look forward to all week! 🙂 I had to significantly cut back on my training budget when I switched jobs and thankfully Brandon (my trainer) had a group lesson that’s much cheaper but I still work hard. Two other ladies are in the session with me and Brandon does a fantastic job of tailoring to each one of our needs and all our limitations.

Last night’s workout (outside in the kiddie play area as the sun set):

  • 15 minutes of walking lunges & running on the treadmill – no weights, lunge for 3 minutes, run for 2, repeat 3 times increasing incline and running speed each time
  • Band Squats for time – take a stretchy band underneath both feet, pull handles over shoulders with palms facing away from the body, squat; 3 sets of about a minute or more each
  • Military Presses & Planks – hold dumbell in each hand overhead, triceps parallel to ground, extend arms straight up, careful not to lock out elbows, lower to starting position, repeat, then hold a plank position with elbows and toes on ground; for time probably a minute each of 3 rotations
  • Box Step-ups – holding 10 lb weights step onto a high box with both feet, then step back down, repeat; one set of 30 step ups
  • Bar crawling down an agility ladder & band squatting for 2 minutes and then repeat (twice)
  • Defense Shuffle – 50 yards
  • Walking Lunges with 10 lb weights – 50 yards twice

We told Brandon we wanted bikini butts so he told us he would get us those and bikini arms…I’m still waiting for the abs that have been coming for 8 months now 🙂

Thursday morning run club leaves the gym at 6am and I had never made it before this morning. I was determined that if I can run on my foot that I was going to take complete advantage while I’m still going to see my chiropractor to get the full benefits of both! So I left the gym at 9:15pm Wednesday night and was back there at 5:45am Thursday morning…at least I’m getting my money’s worth.

My run this morning was amazing. It rivalled my half marathon run in Austin. I was simply thankful to be alive and outside running. I watched the sun rise in pinks and reds and oranges over the “rolling hills” of Kansas. I also managed to set a personal record for my mile time this morning at 7:46! I looked down as I was getting ready to stop my watch and realized I had run really fast (for me) and it felt great. Maybe it’s the shoes, maybe it’s the morning time, maybe it was getting to run, maybe it was the workout the night before…I don’t know but I loved it! The hot tub was also lovely when I got done with running to loosen up all my muscles from the workouts this week so far. 🙂

Now it’s work time. Lots on my plate here but I’m very happy with that. Tonight is kick ball and the midseason party at Kelley’s Irish Pub. Should be a great time! 🙂


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