It’s been a drinkin’ week…

It’s been a drinkin’ week but in the best kind of way. The way where you accidentally get drunk. You’re surrounded by friends. The good way to be drunk.

Last weekend I volunteered for the Fight for Air Gala with The American Lung Association and ended up bringing home multiple bottles of wine. I decided to make sangria. What else do you do with leftover, already opened, bottles of wine? So Monday night was sangria night. I went and worked out at the gym and went home, made some, and had a great time being drunk and watching tv on my bed. It was pure bliss. Quiet. Relaxing.

Tuesday brought a full day of work and water aerobics class at the gym afterwards. The only other lady under the age of 45 in the class invited me to grab a beer with her after class. I was thrilled! When I originally decided to join the gym I was hopefully it would lead to some friends but so far my $50 a month commitment hadn’t produced any.

Wednesday was one of the busiests days at work for me thus far. I think I was in meetings from 8:30am until 5pm when I left to go to the Chiropractor. After my adjustment and some physical therapy, I headed off to the gym for a group training session. The only drinking for Wednesday was a lot of water. Brandon always kicks my butt at the gym! 🙂

Thursday was an easier day at the office but I was still running out the door at 5pm to make it to my kickball game at 6pm. It was theme night so my friend Rachel and I had gone to the US Toy Store during lunch to buy sombreros and long mustaches to wear for cinco de mayo. We lost the game 3-2 but won the costume contest which meant we had a bar credit at Kelley’s Irish Pub. We went, ate Joe’s pizza by the slice for dinner, and practiced our flip cup skills. I had a great time! Definitely went to bed tired and feeling good.

Friday morning was pretty brutal but nothing a couple cups of coffee can’t fix! After getting some big projects done at work, a co-worker of mine suggested we go out for beers to celebrate. I joined her and two of her friends at The Blue Moose in Prairie Village for dinner and moose-aritas (blue colored margaritas). I had an excellent time meeting new people and talking about all kinds of things. It’s also nice to be make friends that are happily married. I really want to me someone to marry kinda soon and it’s nice to learn how to go out and have a great time with people who are married.

Today started early (for a Saturday) at 7am to go to water aerobics. There is something about the class that is so unassuming but it makes me so happily tired. I feel like I really get a good workout every time. I might even continue to go to it once a week after the doctor clears me to run again.

Now I”m sitting in Starbucks with breakfast, supposedly working, until I have personal training with Brandon at noon. Then it’s off to The Cashew, a local legend of a bar, for a Kentucky Derby themed bar crawl for the afternoon with a couple of people I met through kickball.

Afterwards, I’m sure we’ll contine over to power & light district to celebrate cinco de mayo. At Kelley’s after kickball on Thursday I started talking to one of the guys on the team and we ended up talking about moving in together as roomates in December. We are planning to start hanging out more and talking seriously about the logistics of it but I’m excited. It would be nice to shorten my commute to work and half my rent payments every month. We’ll see if it works out…

That’s all for now…have a great weekend!


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