Too long…

So it’s been way too long since I’ve updated this blog so here’s to starting to make this a priority in my life…again.

Since October 2011 I’ve travelling to Grand Junction Colorado to visit a college friend of mine, Robert. The trip was a great way to celebrate my birthday. We ate out, watched movies, upgraded my iPhone, hiked, and generally caught up. Halloween was uneventful (which I’m thankful, I’m not a halloween fan). My brother turned 20 which makes me feel incredibly old. Much more so than turning 24 myself.

November: I went recruiting at A&M for work and then travelled home to celebrate Thanksgiving a few days early which was nice. My family keeps counting down the “last” holidays my Grandmother will spend with us (she’s turning 96 this month) so it was a blessing to get to eat home-cooked turkey with her at the table. Then I flew to Dallas, pick-up Robert, drove to College Station, tailgated and watched the last Texas versus Texas A&M football game. Then Robert and I drove to Houston to see some mutual friends before driving back to Dallas.

December: Hectic month but good. Spoke at the Kiewit Australia 1st District Meeting in Kansas City. I had the safety moment which is something I’m extremely passionate about. The next morning I flew to Atlanta Georgia and drove to LaGrange Georgia to pass out programs at my Cousin Laura’s wedding. There are 4 of us and she is the first to get married. It was a beautiful service and my Mom directed it. I worked for another week in KC and then flew to Phoenix for Christmas. Again, a great “last” Christmas. It’s definitely hard to countdown holidays than to have someone exit your life unannounced. It’s probably a grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side kinda thing but it’s hard.

This is a picture of (from left to right) my Cousin Ashley, her sister Laura (the bride), her new husband Glen, me, and my Brother Gaines. It had been a long time since all of us were together and it was a great time!!!

January: New Years was again uneventful. I recruited at Texas A&M a couple of times and travelled to Jackson Hole Wyoming with my good friend Luke and two of our co-workers Chaz and Bryan. I went snowboarding for the first time which was a ton of  fun! I took lessons and meet some really nice people from Chicago in the process. We stayed in a nice hotel suite and went out to eat, hot tubbed, and had a great time. It took a couple of days for me to get up there tho…Jackson Hole received a bunch of snow so I had to land in Idaho Falls (about 90 miles away) and stay the night. I drove through the mountain passes the next morning. Luke managed to land so he went snowboarding that day and hurt his shoulder. We all had a great time!

February: February brought running my first half marathon (in Austin Texas) and another recruiting trip to College Station and getting to see my great friend Jared and his girlfriend Danielle. It also meant the realization that I wasn’t doing anything in my job that made me excited to go to work. I started looking around to try to fix it which brings me to March.

March: I quit my job with Kiewit and took an assistant civil engineering position with Burns & McDonnell in Kansas City. I’m not going into all the details here about what created this end and this new beginning but I feel much more positive and enjoy going to work. BMcD is giving me opportunities to manage people and projects which is exciting! I also travelled to see my family in Phoenix before starting work. We went through a bunch of boxes of my stuff from high school that had moved twice now without being unpacked. It was definitely an eye-opening experience (more in a later post).

This more-or-less catches you up with my life in the last few months. Definitely an abbreviated version but I think I’ve managed to hit most of the highlights.


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