My current life lesson is patience and thankfully my God has a sense of humor because he keeps reminding me in funny ways. most of these lessons follow disappointments (or what I think are disappointment-worthy events).

For example, I am not leaving for Australia in September (as originally promised) but rather sometime in November. This means living in Kansas City and working in the office until then. I love my job and I know in order to have a successful construction project you have to put in some planning up front in the office but I am not a fan of working in an office on a regular basis. The badging in and out, high heels, and endless excel worksheets are numbing. I was more than a little disappointed when I first found out that I have several more months int the United States but after thinking and praying about it I’ve come to terms and have started being excited about staying. The positives include several more long weekend trips to visit friends and family, getting to see a Midwest fall (and maybe a little snow/winter), getting to go to my cousin’s wedding this fall and only having to work 40 hours per week. I have to be patient (and trusting in God) that I will be in Australia for how ever long he wants me to be.

Another example is with personal relationships. I want to share my life with a man. I am ready to date and be serious with someone else. I thought I had found someone that could potentially fill that position in my life but he likes the option of walking away and has used my trip to Australia as a good excuse to do so. He is not who God has planned for me (or at least not who he has planned for me right now) and I need to re-focus on my relationship with God and not with him.

Patience. It’s not easy for me but I’m working on it.


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