Here We Go…

Tomorrow starts a new chapter, a defined new beginning. I am excited about getting on an airplane bound for Kansas city MO; bound for a new apartment, new office, new friends and new scenery. I guess this means I should discuss my current living situation.

I am working in the Port of Lewiston Idaho while living in Clarkston Washington. For those familiar with Bryan/College Station, TX, Lewiston/Clarkston is a very similar concept with a river in between instead of University Drive.

 I live in a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom furnished apartment that my job set me up with. After living in a local hotel for 9 weeks, I was thankful for anything else. Kiewit typically fills all bedrooms in their corporate provided housing but I ended up being the odd-woman-out so I got one all to myself.

Front Door

View from the front door. 

Living Room




Two views from my deck

Lewiston Idaho and Clarkston Washington have served me well. I have grown as an engineer. My skin is tougher, my passion for construction has grown, my attitude is focused and my job is meaningful.

The area is beautiful which ends up being very motivating to read to Bible everyday and go running on the levees.

This is a view of my drive to work. I am constantly surrounded by gorgeous views and reminders of God’s greatness as The Creator. Although I never found a church here I was attached to (or visited more than once) I feel very close to Him.
God puts people in your life that challenge you and make you want to be a better version of yourself. I have met one such person. Luke Stano is an engineer I met on the job in Lewiston. He has quickly become one of my best friends. We go exploring almost every weekend and have travelled on vacation together. The pictures below are from lewiston point which is a fantastic view of the city and of the job-site.

Luke makes me slow down and acknowledge the crazy things around me. He is passionate, caring, intelligent, and challenging. I am very focused on my goals and he makes me stop and smell the roses along the way.

For Luke’s last night in Lewiston (before he started driving to Ingleside Texas for a new job) we drove up to Lewiston Point and took night pictures. Looking at the stars and the breath-taking views was a great way to send him off.

Back to my current situation:
Defined new beginnings are often more challenging than the ones that sneak up on you. You have to plan, prepare, and respond to them. Often, the creeping ones provide more reward since there was no time or thought of failure. They are similar to people who sneak up on you and I’m not talking about people who jump out of the dark to scare you. I’m talking about people that grow in your soul. I’ve met a couple people like that recently.

The planning for this new beginning has been much more messy than I would like but life has a way of working out. I have faith that God puts people where he wants them. The panic attack I had this morning about not having my airline ticket for my flight tomorrow was fixed before breakfast and all my belongings are in the hands of UPS for the next week. All I have to do is get on the airplane in the morning. Hopefully no more escapades with the Lewiston Airport or Delta Airlines.

I’m not sure where this blog will take me. I’m not sure if I’ll be writing like a diary or writing like I’m talking a person but you are welcome to follow me. My journey has started taking shape with plans of living in Australia for a year and new projects to work on with Kiewit. Stay tuned 🙂

Some recent adventures include Chicago for the Taste of Chicago Food Festival and meeting Luke’s friends.

Spokane, Washington to go shopping for a Sunday afternoon.

And Hawaii with Mom for the 4th of July 🙂


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